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Discover Molokini - Trilogy Excursions

There have been 15 reviews written about the Discover Molokini with Trilogy Excursions.

Average Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

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  • Trilogy I, built in 2019 is a 55' sloop rigged sailing catamaran, for approx 50 passengers
  • Trilogy II is a 64' Cutter Rigged Sailing Catamaran for approx 54 passengers
  • Goes to Molokini and Turtle Town area off South Maui
  • 5 hours
  • a barefoot boarding charter, will get wet!
  • Continental breakfast and lunch

Grant Wetherill
This was our second excursion with Trilogy to Molokini, the first was in 2007 - this time, we brought the kids. It was a great experience, like before. The experience was unforgettable - the staff was very friendly, helpful, and welcoming, while keeping things on schedule. The boat and equipment was in great condition, and the gear was not "the cheap stuff". We will use Trilogy again if (hopefully "when") we make it back to Hawaii/Maui.

Krissy Battles
The trip was awesome!! I would recommend everyone to go to Molokini! We went to Hawaii at the peak whale season and even though we were not on a whale watching tour we saw tons of whale. We even had a calf breach right next to our boat, it was AWESOME to see the whales up close and we didn't even plan for it. A wonderful surprise and an even better trip!

Lee Fox
We had a wonderful trip. The staff was cheerful and appropriately attentive. We sincerely recommend Trilogy V.

Joseph Balogh
Excellent! Terrific captain and crew. Wonderful trip. Thank you! Joe

Tracy Mangano
This was the best snorkel trip! The snorkeling was awesome. The captain and crew were great and the food was delicious!

Charlane Hodge
The Captain and crew were very attentive and hard working. Everything was kept clean and nice. Food service was great with crew accomodating and serving everyone! Both stops were very fun and it was nice that the crew kept an eye out for everyone. Only suggestion is some one to do a marine biology talk regarding the fish and other sea creatures. Maybe even a little "tour" were certain things are pointed out. Also felt the trip was maxed out with the number of people a bit crowded, but the crew strived to make it comfortable.

Lori Kinkeade
This was an amazing tour. Customer service was top shelf. They were the ONLY tour company that had a representative centrally positioned in the harbor to tell customers where to go. So many people were just wondering around the harbor trying to find their tour. Captain Jeff and the entire crew were awesome! The food was incredible. All equipment was in great condition...they even had a special defogging solution to put in the masks--and it worked! The final "sail" was amazing. By far, our favorite activity this vacation. Thanks for a wonderful time!

April Newton
This snorkel trip was amazing. The staff was very kind, professional and the service wonderful. The waters were very clear and although there wasn't a ton of fish to see when we were there what we did see was beautiful. We did some snorkeling later on, on our own and it is hard to find such clear waters. Being able to visit Molokini was pretty cool too. The food you are served is top notch too. Hard to believe you can work up such an appetite floating in the water but we were famished and the lunch, snacks and mai tai's on the way home were perfect!

Ron McMahon
The excursion was great.. Great staff, equipment, location and food. Only downfall was my wife and I decided to try the snuba upgrade when we got on board. As soon as I got in the water I found out that I could no do it because my mustach caused so much leakage into the mask. We got out of the water and then proceeded to snorkel. However we were charged the full rate for 2 snub as even though we did not proceed with the snub a. A 1/2 price discount would have been appreciated.

Loriann Villanis
We had an excellent trip with Trilogy, and would go out with them again over any other excursion.
The customer service is excellent, the instruction on snorkeling taught us new things, even though we had snorkeled before, the trip was smooth.
The boat was not overcrowded and they made a point of catering to your every need. Seasick? They had a solution. Forgot sunscreen? They had it.
Food was excellent, and drinks were plentiful and free-flowing.
Everything was stellar, professional and top notch. Far outshined the other excursions we took on Maui.

Glenn Ball
Excellent snorkeling tour! Nice size group of about 40 which made getting off and back on the boat easy. Breakfast & lunch was great; good selection of food and very good. Open bar with plenty of options. Extremely helpful crew, and a pleasant morning sail Highly recommend.

Alton Smith
We had an amazing time on our Trilogy Excursion to Molokini Crator. I would highly recommend this trip and the 5 hour cruise especially. The food they served was outstanding. Thank you for providing us with great memories.

Christine A
My husband and I booked a snorkeling excursion on our second-to-last day in Maui. He did a ton of research for all the companies offering snorkeling, and Trilogy kept coming up in his searches - highly rated, and lots of great reviews about people’s experiences.
We’re so happy to say our experience was just as great and positive as other past reviewers. We were on Trilogy V.
First off, the captain and crew are great! You can tell they genuinely enjoy what they do and are happy to give people a fun experience.  When we arrived, we stood in line to give our names. The captain was the guy checking everyone in and he made an effort to say hello and personally great each person. Once aboard the boat, the crew members were welcoming and helpful. During the ride to Molokini, the crew gave entertaining and informative demonstrations about the equipment and helped prepare us for what to expect. They were cracking jokes the whole time and made everyone feel excited for what we were about to do.
Another thing I liked about this company/crew is that they  appreciate how delicate the environment is and they take extra steps to ensure it remains undisturbed while people are enjoying they snorkeling or scuba excursions.
Snorkeling the actual crater was possibly the very best experience of our whole vacation. Seeing a variety of fish, beautiful coral - I’d gladly do it again!
We also opted for the professional photographer to capture some high-quality photos for us. It was an added package we purchased on top of the cost of the snorkeling, but it was sooo worth it! We didn’t feel pressured at all, and we’re so glad we made the choice. The photographer was great - both in his quality and quantity of photos, and in how he interacted with us as customers. The pictures came out so great - Totally worth it!
On the ride back to Maui, the crew serves everyone a nice lunch and refreshments. It was a great ending a fun and memorable experience.

Meredith McPhail
My boyfriend and I did this excursion and had a great time! The crew made it especially enjoyable for us. They were all so knowledgeable about the boat, the ocean, snorkeling, and “snuba”! I did start feeling a seasick on the way out to the crater and Kooks was so helpful and made me feel so much better. The food we had for lunch wasn’t bad for boat food either! I would definitely recommend this excursion!

Jan Simon
The boat is beautiful.  The crew was friendly and helpful.  Not
Trilogy’s fault there was no wind!  I would absolutely recommend Trilogy
to anyone.