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Popoi'a Island 2.5 Hour Tour - Twogood Kayaks Hawaii

There has been 1 review written about the Popoi'a Island 2.5 Hour Tour with Twogood Kayaks Hawaii.

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  • Departing from a beautiful white sand beach, kayak a short distance to a small bird sanctuary island.
  • Tour it & hop back on your kayak to another location.
  • Snorkel and soak up the rays on another gorgeous beach.
  • Departs from Kailua Beach.
  • Free Round Trip transportation from Waikiki
  • Stable tandem or single sit on top kayaks
  • 2.5 hours
  • 12 guests, one or two per kayak.
  • Snorkel gear included.
  • Deli lunch included.

Bill Lander
We planned this tour, but wind, rain, and high waves put a dash to that, however a quick thinking guide, Issic, and his boss Jergen turned this into a kayak on the canal. it was a great kayak along the inland water way to the lake. Were got to ee night feed Heron's by the dozen, and talkie kept surprising all along our route. the water was flat, the rain warm. it felt good after e all took a plunge trying to launch in an uncooperative kayak lauch. this change of plans made our trip go from a total wash out to a really fun day on the water.We appreciate that our guide and Twogood kayaks were flexible to make it happen.