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Kona Experience Hawaii - Paradise Helicopters

There have been 4 reviews written about the Kona Experience Hawaii with Paradise Helicopters.

Average Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

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The full island experience minus the southern portion of the island around South Point. Tour covers approximately 75% of the island.Bell 407Departs from Kona heliport at the airport.6 passengers2 hour

susan myers
excellent helicopter flight, friendly and informative pilot, awesome views. Felt a little sick, but put that down to sitting with my back to pilot, preferred to face the way one's going, next time will make sure I'm facing frontwards, because I'm sure we'll be back for another flight.

Mairi Badon
The staff was very courteous and accommodating. Explained everything very well and professionally. The ginger candy they offer you for motion sickness make sure you take a few in case you get a little air sick. It works great! We saw the lava and the waterfalls. Pilot was very good! He made sure to take a few passes on each side so that yiou were able to see from both sides of the aircraft. I would choose Paradise again for sure!

Jennifer Wells
Absolutely amazing - HIGHLY recommend to anyone who wants a fun and informative tour of the Big Island. We even got to see the active volcano with bubbling lava.

Kay Baxter
Absolutely mesmerizing!