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Molokini and Turtles (3 Hours) - Seafire Charters/The Dive Shop

There have been 22 reviews written about the Molokini and Turtles (3 Hours) with Seafire Charters/The Dive Shop.

Average Product Rating: 4.9 / 5

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  • 39 foot aluminum hulled S.A.F.E. boat (Secured Around Flotation Equipment). 
  • Maximum is 21 passengers
  • Departs Kihei Boat Ramp
  • Goes to Molokini and Turtle Town
  • 3 hours
  • Continental Breakfast

Sue Kalika
Turbo on engine was broken so the ride was slow and long. Crew was nice and most importantly the snorkeling was fabulous

Cody Thompson
Due to bad weather we had to reschedule a couple of times but once out there it was definitely worth it. The whole family had a blast and when my wife became motion sick they took very good care of her! The staff was very informative and very friendly!

Ty Mahan
Fabulous. New boat, great captain, individualized service, delicious food, and a knowledgeable naturalist. I will join Seafire Charters whenever I come to Maui.

Josh Miller

Sophie Auger
The crew was great and the guides were very helpful with everything snorkeling. We got to see plenty of sea creatures and even feed birds on the way back!! The company was kind enough to let us reschedule our trip for the next day because of unfavourable conditions on the first day, really appreciated ! We thought it was very well supervised security-wise.

Jill Wilkins
Our family of 5 loved this boat. The staff Melissa and the captain Don were fantastic. We have snorkeled with many different groups and this was our favorite trip to date. They were knowledgable and friendly. Do not hesitate to book with them it was way better than some of the large boats that try and sell on drinks and food. This was great a great snorkeling adventure. We even saw Dolfins!

Kurt Horst
Awesome charter! The crew was excellent and Capt. Don did a great job! Highly recommend Seafire Charters! Smaller boat with not many people was great for snorkeling!

Bill Armstrong
I obtained the tickets for my Grand Daughter and friend. They had high marks and said it was a great trip, except for the ride, which we all know the one thing we can't control is the weather.

SarahJean B
Great tour with a great crew, and if you go in whale season, they'll take a little longer on the water for some quick whale-watching as well.

Oona Timmons
Great experience, we all really enjoyed the snorkeling and even got to see a few turtles. We felt the crew went above and beyond and took great care of us.

Heather WIlliams
Staff was friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. Who knew they would have prescription goggles for my severely near-sighted self. Aside from a little bit of early morning chill, we had a great time.

Marie M
Awesome experience! Kind staff, great trip.
I'd recommend it to everybody who wants to see so many amazing animals like turtles, dolphins and if you were lucky you would see a whale (As I did). Thanks a lot!

Giuseppe Camarlinghi
Great experience! Snorkeling and all the rest has been excelent!

Joanna Duong
This was my first time snorkeling, and I'm so glad I choose seafire. The crew were extremely nice and informative. Kelly joined the group in the water, and even pointed out all the cool fish! Definitely check this tour out!

Melissa Kasiewicz
Fantastic experience. Small size allows for more intimate experience, and more time in the water. Crew was friendly and knowledgeable, and extra attentive to the little kids. Departure location much closer to Molokini than most other boats. Will choose Seafire again!

Melanie Oster
Our family loved this excursion. Boat was comfortable, equipment worked well, staff was very helpful and friendly. Time of the tour was perfect. We saw lots of marine life, sharks and swimming with the turtles was an amazing experience. Snacks and water were offered throughout the tour. Would highly recommend.

Chris M
Fantastic crew! Other than getting a little sea sick, could not have asked for more. The smaller group size was the only way to go.

Shaun Orr
We had a great time on this tour with a party of 6. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Quick access to the snorkeling locations.

Jackie Kurowski
Great trip.  Crew very knowledgeable and helpful.  Snorkeling was

Jacqueline Barsh
Amazing trip. Enjoyed the smaller boat and one on one instruction. Will
definitely do this again.

Suzi Williams
My family had an amazing experience on the Seafire. The staff was very helpful,
friendly and knowledgeable about all of our surroundings. I would recommend this
tour to anyone.

Chloe J
The check-in process prior to boarding was unnecessarily long.  Once on the
boat, however, the crew (Melissa and Kelly) did its best to ensure a memorable
experience.  The weather was rough that day, but that can't be helped.
 We snorkelled at three different locations, stopped for whale watching
including an underwater hydrophone, and fed birds from the boat.  Good
snorkelling equipment provided, including wetsuit shirts for cold or sun
protection.  Breakfast is essentially juice and muffins, so eat beforehand
or bring coffee and protein if you need it.