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Akialoa NaPali Sunset Dinner Sail - Captain Andy's Expedition

There have been 7 reviews written about the Akialoa NaPali Sunset Dinner Sail with Captain Andy's Expedition.

Average Product Rating: 4.7 / 5

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  • Enjoy a delicious dinner while cruising along the famous Na Pali Coastline.
  • 55' Gold Coast Luxury sailing catamaran.
  • Large shaded cabin
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Departs from Port Allen
  • 49 passengers
  • 3 course meal  (View 'Trip Details')
  • Beer, wine, 'Sneaky Tiki's'

i am wondering how many people on this cruise, and if it is a seated venu?

Jake Barefoot
There is seating on the outside as well as inside of the cabin. When the boat is underway it is recommended to stay seated as much as possible. If you do need to move around it is reccomended that you keep at least one hand on the boat to steady yourself at all times. This boat takes relatively small groups which are generally less then 50 people.

Kyle Engelsman
Beautiful sites and an awesome time.

Bruce M
The NaPali Sunset Dinner trip was a good adventure. The views of the cliffs were great, but be prepared for rough seas. The day we went had strong winds and with the rough sea most of our group ended up sea sick, even with medication. I thought the trip was great, but some of the members of our group were in survival mode by the end.

Amy Hulbert
Our tour was great and the crew was even better! Nothing but good things to say!

Nancy Hallett
This was again the best day of my 3 week vacation. Great weather amazing crew
kyler and Thomas and a supermoon to boot. The food was tasty also. The music on
the return was fabulous. I love The Green. Thank you for the aloha love!

Jennifer Tomer
We visited Kauai in the beginning of December and wanted to experience the Napoli Coast with style! When we arrived to Kauai we found Captain Andy's via the Internet. We booked our cruise and received a call within a half hour saying the one that we booked was already full. The woman give us multiple dates and different boats that were available instead. We chose another and a few days later arrived in Port Allen for a dinner cruise. The staff was very nice and accommodating. The boat was very clean and our captain was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Although, half way through the tour the other couple in our party became extremely sick. The crew continued to be accommodating by offering water and replenishing puke bags LOL we were all unable to eat while on the boat but the crew packed up our dinners for us to take with us. The views were amazing the water was relatively calm resolve lots of dolphins and at least two wheels. If you think you may possibly get seasick. You will! Otherwise it was a beautiful adventure. Keep it up!

Julia Smith
We cruised with Captain Sterling on 6/2/17. Other than being sea sick, the cruise was fantastic. Captain Sterling was great and very caring. Thanks for a great cruise! Kerry and Julia Smith and family.

Joel Hough
This tour was perfect for us on our second evening on Kaua'i. Captain Cory along with his crew were great and entertaining. The weather was perfect and it was our first view of the Napali Coast. Awesome! We had so much fun shooting photos, relaxing on the boat, and enjoying the wonderful views that I almost forgot about the sunset which was amazing. Dress nice but with the ability to get a little wet if you want to be up front. There is seating available but you may miss things if you are always seated. Food was good and plentiful and dessert was great! It was so cool to see how Cory handled the boat on the sail back down the coast. Insider tip... If you ever get motion sickness, take Dramamine an hour before the tour. This only affected one person on our tour but I'd hate to be that one person. Also, remember to TIP YOUR CREW! These people are going to make sure you have an awesome time and are there to meet your needs. My suggestion is to book this tour toward the beginning of your trip as it allows you to have great discussions with people who will give you LOTS of great ideas for the rest of your adventure. Aloha! ... and enjoy every minute!