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There have been 6 reviews written about the From Maui -33M - Hawaii Volcano Experience with Aloha Sunshine Tours.

Average Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

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  • Round-trip Airfare to Hilo
  • Hilo Town & Banyan Drive
  • Rainbow Falls & Liluokalani Garden
  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  • Kilauea Visitor Center 
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Big Island Candies Factory 
  • Kilauea Iki & Steam Vents 
  • Ha'akulamanu - Sulphur Banks 
  • King Kamehameha Statue
  • No-Host morning & Lunch Stops at Local Restaurant

Ruth Pulido
We enjoyed Our guide very much and would highly recommend him anytime.

Alison R
This tour was awesome. It definitely made for a long day, but it was worth it. Our driver was great. Seeing the lava at night was the best part. Just amazing!

Gary Robinson
Very enjoyable tour.

Celia Mckay
This was the first time we have ever booked a guided tour, I will probably never do it again. It was not by any fault of our guide, or Tom Barefoot. We as travelers, do not like to have time constraints when we visit some place, so being told we had 20 minutes, for this section, or half an hour for that, was difficult and altered our experience. In hind sight, I think it would have been better to fly on our own, rent a car, and view what we wanted to see. Instead of being carted around to what the guide wanted us to see. In defense of our guide he was great, friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating as best he could be. But tours are not for us. This tour, was also disorganized from the beginning. The company that runs it, again no fault of Tom Barefoot, signed up 5 couples for the trip, all of them arriving at different times during the day, so 2 of us couples that arrived bright and early in the AM, were brought to locations to waste time, while our driver hustled back and forth from the airport to pick up the rest of the passengers. We did get to visit the waterfall, and a surprise visit to a candy factory, but all my husband and I wanted to see on this trip was the volcano. Unfortunately we didn't get up to that part till almost 2pm, despite arriving for the tour at 9:30 am we then were rushed around to the various stops, and given little time to view, & take pictures. Our driver did however take us to a few points off the usual tour, as he made up time along the way. Also, we did get back up to the top at dusk to see the glow of the volcano erupting, which was very impressive. Our driver, I apologize that I don't know his name, was great. At almost 1000.00 for this day tour, I again think it would have been best to make the trip on my own. The volcano national park is massive, and easily takes a day to see. I would love to come back, and take some of the hikes. Again, I do not recommend this tour if you like to take your time while visiting. But if you like to not worry about getting from point A to point B and seeing as much as you can in a small amount of time then this will work for you.

Eric Miller
It was a great experience. We had an excellent guide and we learned a lot of local history that you would not have learned on another tour trip. We would definitely do this tour with the same tour guide again.

Gary Hoffman
Me and my wife enjoyed this trip but it is a long day. Our driver was excellent as the cruise ships were in town and many sites were crowed. He however knew work arounds and avoided them.
The van was comfortable and frequent stops. Got to see a lot of past lave flows and lava tube and his narration was great. Did not like the dinner stop at all.