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Secret Falls Kayak/Hike Tour - Alii Kayaks

There have been 14 reviews written about the Secret Falls Kayak/Hike Tour with Alii Kayaks.

Average Product Rating: 4.8 / 5

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  • Kayak about 2 miles up one of Kauai's most pristine and meandering rivers then hike round trip about 2 miles to the 120' Sacred Falls and take a dip.
  • Departs from Wailua River Visitor Center.
  • Mon thru Sat.:  9:00, 9:30, 10:30, or 11:00 AM.
  • 4.5 hours
  • Kayak, dry-bag backpack.
  • 12 guests.
  • BYO lunch and snacks.
  • Minimum age of 5 years old.

Secret falls was beautiful! We got really great weather and a great guide. The paddling was fairly easy too.

Jenna Sosine
This tour was great! So much wonderful scenery and great info provided about the area from the tour guide.

shannon lee
We had a fantastic time at Alii kayaks! Beautiful river, very knowledgeable and fun guide ,who played the ukelele for us and showed where to cliff jump! Thanks Christian! !

David Shin
Great tour w/live music and a chill dog. Highly recommend.

George Bolvari
Had a great time. Our guide Justin was very entertaining. The kayaking, short hike and waterfall was perfect. There are quite a few people doing this outing with other companies so it gets a bit crowded at the waterfall. All in all Alii kayaks is a very proper, informative and safety conscious outfit.0

George Butler
Our guide was awesome and knowledgeable. The falls were fantastic and the hike was fun. I did however notice (in the general loading area where we started our hike) a 12"high x 1" dia. rusty, ragged steel pipe in the ground where people could trip over. Somebody needs to remove it . Overall a 5 star outing!!!!


Chris Honish
This was a nice tour with low impact kayaking. I thought current may be an issue since it was on a river, but it was easy kayaking in both directions. The guide did a great job of providing interesting information walking through the rainforest to the water falls. It isn't really a secret falls, other groups are there, but there is plenty of room and time to enjoy a swim in the pool under the falls. Close-toed sandals you are willing to get muddy is the best footwear option.

Jenna Dyke
Worth it! Our guide, Kana, was SO knowledgeable and helpful for our tour. We loved the combination of kayaking, hiking and swimming. The sights were so worth it. We wish we were expecting such a long and muddy hike but it was totally doable. Enjoyed and recommend it!!

Leslie Sexton
My husband and I really enjoyed our tour! I had never kayaked before, but I didn't do too badly. And getting to swim in the waterfall was amazing. I highly recommend it!

Byron KAO
KP, our guide was the best! Answered all the questions we had! Would totally recommend it! Included dry pack which was super convienent for the kayak and hike.

John Marino
Well organized and well run trip. Kayaking was fun and hike, other than being quite slippery, was quite interesting through the jungle. Waterfalls are beautiful. Our guide was excellent. Was a great trip. I would suggest bringing walking poles if it has rained up in the last 48 hours to secure a footing

Jim Bamberg
A really fun trip. Kayaks were great. Our guide, T.C. was excellent; he was knowledgable, humorous, and kept us entertained. The hike was not terrible long, but was difficult because it was very muddy. Would suggest clients are informed of muddy conditions so they can be properly prepared. Falls were amazing. We all got in the water.

Karen Woo
The tour was wonderful! Got to kayak a beautiful river, hike and hang out at a beautiful waterfall. The scenery was beautiful. Our guide was knowledgeable on the flora & fauna. He taught us a lot of the Hawaiian culture.

If you have problems walking uneven ground, please do not take this trip. I saw 'large' people having difficulty walking the terrain. The hike is not paved and it winds through a forest over roots and branches.