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Evening Manta Snorkel - Sunlight On Water

There have been 8 reviews written about the Evening Manta Snorkel with Sunlight On Water.

Average Product Rating: 4.9 / 5

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  • Snorkel with the Giant Manta Rays as they come to feed in the early evening hours off the coast of Kona.
  • Both toothless and without stingers these huge animals are harmless to humans.
  • They create quite the spectacle and this is something the Big Island has become quite famous for.
  • 37' USCG certified vessel custom built for snorkeling
  • Restroom, padded seating, 2 ladders for entry, fresh water shower.
  • Departs from Honokohau Harbor
  • 3 hours
  • Capacity of 25 passengers.
  • snacks, water and juices.

Dilip Gopalakrishna
Looking at 15-ft wide Manta Rays dancing right beneath you and getting tantalizingly close is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

I was searching around to see who I should do this adventure with, and am glad I found Sunshine on Water. They are really great people!

There were three guides on our post-sunset snorkel tour, and made our outing comfortable and safe in every way they could. They safely took us out to the floating raft, advised on safety tips every now and then, and also took pictures of the Manta Rays and of us from underneath, diving in with their underwater cameras!

The boat also has warm water rinse-off, and they carried hot chocolate and snacks in anticipation of cold weather for us (though the weather remained perfectly pleasant all through).

The guides were also fairly knowledgeable about the ecology of the environment and about caring for the marine life below. They also know each of the Manta Rays by their 'names' (signature markings on their bellies which are unique to them) and educated us all through our outing.

Overall, it was a remarkable evening and I am happy it was made special by Sunlight on Water!

Yvette Worman
Fantastic start to finish. I have done manta dive prior and this company does it right! Highly recommend the snorkel manta

Julie O'Brien
My husband and I were excited to go on this trip. I ended up extremely seasick despite taking Dramamine all day. The water had been so rough that this was the first trip out 5 days. I never made it in the water. That being said, my husband had a great time and took around 100 pictures of the manta rays under water. We also saw a whale and a monk seal. All of the crew were awesome and despite my being really ill they deserve a 5.

Barbie Miller
This adventure was one of the high-lights of our trip. We saw a dozen giant manta rays up close, along with a sea turtle and a whale. Rob and Matt were the best tour guides ever.

Barbie Miller
Excellent trip! Our tour guides knew exactly where to go to get us in the water with dolphins. Bre is an amazing diver and knew how to capture great pictures of us. Rob is funny and knowledge and just a great guy. China, our captain, made sure we saw everything we could possibly see that day. Definately book your adventures with this company!

Raylenr avechuco
This was the best thing ever. The staff was really nice even wgen i got scared abecause of the water. The staff was nice and grntal they made me fill safe they were gental and kind ill do this again and will tell people about them!

Gloria Martinez
Our night was fantastic, amazing, & worth every penny. A great way to spend my 60th B-day. What a great present. The boat crew were caring, alert, informative, & entertaining. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Rita Fuja
Overall the excursion was as expected. We did see One or two manta rays (I actually think it was the same one that came by us a couple of different times). Unfortunately, for some reason after a couple of passes by us the rays never came back. The captain of the boat said the current shifted and that was the reason. On these types of trips you are at the mercy of nature so it is no fault of the captain or crew but still a little disappointing.