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Kanaio Coast - Blue Water Rafting

There have been 4 reviews written about the Kanaio Coast with Blue Water Rafting.

Average Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

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  • Cloud IX is a 27 foot Almar Raiv rigid hull inflatable boat. 
  • 24 passengers
  • Snorkel Kanaio area on Maui's south coast.
  • Includes continental breakfast and deli-style buffet lunch 
  • 4 hour adventure
  • Departs from Kihei Boat Ramp

Lory Lock
We had a great time and especially enjoyed the snorkeling in a site that Curtis and Kenny said they rarely get a chance to go due to ocean conditions- Secret Cove. Water was so clear and full of fish and coral

The lava caves and formations were awesome and beautiful. Deli lunch was ok. Thought I read in the tour description on your website we would also get a continental breakfast but there was none. We had a fruit snacks break after we headed out. Good thing we had some breakfast before heading out. Would definitely recommend anti- seasick pills if prone to motion sickness like I am. Got to see a couple of whales right after heading out! No turtles or dolphins cooperated for this trip though. All in all, it was a great trip and when my 22 and 21 yearold kids said they had fun then it was worth it!! Thanks for booking our trip!

John Fort
This was a fun tour. Pros: 1. The staff-Jay and Kent were excellent hosts. Very attentive to guests needs and informative. 2. Snorkeling was okay. Due to unforeseen winds beyond anyone's control we were only able to snorkel at two spots. 3. The lava formations were really neat. Now I know what "French fry" lava is. 4. Lunch was tasty. Make your own sandwiches. Cons: 1. The ride back was extremely rough. I knew this when booking the trip so no surprise. I planned for seasickness and took over the counter medication just before bed the night before. It is still in your system when you go out, other parties did not and they got sick.

John Hill
Had to leave quarters at O dark 100 on Sun Morning to make tour location. But tour was worth it. We sped down the coast skimming over waves and even though I am succeptible to seasickness, I was fine with all of the fresh air. Too bad the other tour goers didn't show. We effectively had a private tour. Only disappointed because we didn't enter any sea caves. But safety was our paramount concern. I loved this tour.

Greg Merck
Best damn excursion ever! Sure, it was bumpy and there was a chance of sea sickness, but then we were going snorkeling, not the movies.