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Circumnavigate Lanai - Ocean Riders

There have been 11 reviews written about the Circumnavigate Lanai with Ocean Riders.

Average Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

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  • Enjoy a Rigid Hull inflatable for a speedy ride across the channel to Lanai and circumnavigate the whole island.
  • See tons of sea life and explore caves on Lanai's back side.
  • 30' custom built hard bottom inflatable.
  • Departs from Mala Wharf near Lahaina.
  • 18 passengers
  •  7 - 8 hours

Note that this boat does NOT have a head (bathroom). They do plenty of bladder breaks throughout the day. Just don't eat a lot the day before, if you know what I mean. There is also very little shade on the boat. So, slather on the strongest sunscreen you have more than once. Otherwise, it's a very good trip. Just kind of Spartan compared to what you might be used to. Plan accordingly.

This trip is excellent for adventurous souls who want something different than the standard tame boat ride/tame snorkel tour so common on Maui. We had a TON of fun. Saw all sides of Lanai, enjoyed some nice snorkeling, learned a lot from a very knowledgeable captain, and left wanting to do it all again. This trip is not a good fit for people who don't like bouncing over and bobbing in what can sometimes be choppy water. The staff takes great care of its clients and is very safety-conscious, but the waters travelled and snorkels are not glassy.

Nicoelyne Boutilier
Wish there was more room to sit then ride the gun whale (sides of the boat), the entire 70 mile trip. My body still hurts along with my husbands'. Couldn't switch out because the seats were taken by older riders that couldn't have held on or done it. Too over booked by 6 people. As far as the trip and captain, Aaron was very nice, the snorkel spots were great and he was really great with a little girl on board. Would recommend this to others!

Elizabeth Atkinson
Wow..what isn't to be said about this trip. The guides were amazing, the snorkeling was wonderful, and the whole trip was adventurous. All I can say is crossing the channel is an adventure all its own! Not for the faint of heart and don't even think about bringing children. Defintely one of the highlights of our May 2014 trip.

Rita Costello
This was the second time I've been on this snorkel trip and honestly the first time was better. This trip the captain owned the boat and he was not as friendly or as informative as the previous captain. He told us nothing about the history of Lana'i and seemed bored by the trip. My children who were not on the previous trip loved it. The 3 snorkel spots were great and we did see a whale pod and dolphins,

Tegrity Carroll
I took this trip with my wife and a friend, we are all 30 ish year old young professionals that love the outdoors. With that said we truly enjoyed this trip and all agree that it was hands down the most fun, exciting, and beautiful thing we did and experienced while in Maui. Captain Aaron did a fantastic job navigating the boat through the swells as well as entertaining the guests with his playful sense of humor. Other members of our trip included kids as young as 9 and elderly folks in their 60's, though I cannot speak for them they all seemed to have a great time. If you are irresponsible like me and generally forget or refuse to wear sunblock I would recommend booking this trip a few days into your stay that way you have built up a good base tan. Lastly this trip really is more than just a jaunt around an island with 3 snorkel sites and a private beach landing. We were treated to a great history lesson with many very interesting facts, had sea creatures such as octopus and sea stars brought to the surface for everyone to hold and inspect closely, and got to view both spinner dolphins and humpback whales in action. Better so than the whale watching trip we went on two days prior. All in all I highly recommend this trip.

Jim Youngstrom
Excellent! Very personalized, small group. Great snorkeling locations! The best excursion of our trip!

David Nicolas
2nd time doing this trip. Amazing as usual. Crew were friendly and helpful. No better snorkel trip available in Hawaii.

Debi Rodgers
Unfortunately I have an ear infection and sore throat which prevented me going. My son, Kevin, his girlfriend Julia, my daughter Kelly and her husband Mikey had a very fun day. They enjoyed the amazing snorkeling !! They had a lot of fun.

Margy Beaver
This was the best tour we did while in Maui. It was the perfect combination of a boat adventure and snorkeling!

Emily Jacobi
We took this tour last minute back in October and it was the highlight of our
trip. We agreed to make it a staple of any maui trip we make in the future. The
captain was fantastic and full of knowledge. Relaxed atmosphere.