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60 Minute Tour - Reef Dancer

There have been 9 reviews written about the 60 Minute Tour with Reef Dancer.

Average Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

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  • A glass bottom boat ride off the coast of Lahaina.
  • Departs from Lahaina Harbor at 10 AM, 11:15 AM and 1:00 PM.
  • 57' semi-submersible with glass bottom ports.
  • 1 hour
  • 34 passengers

Robin stennes
Kids loved it! Staff was great!

Jocelyn Luciano
My 5 year old really enjoyed this. It was cool to see the "whole ocean" and having the divers bring things to the window was a neat experience. We saw a lot of things (a turtle, octopi, urchins, sea cucumbers, of course fish). I would recommend this to anyone interested in seeing the ocean without the need to snorkel.

Kristi Stevens
The Reefdancer is a must do if you are visiting Hawaii with kids. Our kids had a blast. The guys were so awesome about making them feel special. They made googly eyes with some sponges at our little girl and she loved it. We got to see a lot of sea life including a starfish and octopus.

Auatin Wilhite
Nice trip. Staff very friendly. Not much variation in ocean life

Jesser Marin
The staff is amazingly friendly and just wonderful, it was fun and the kids has lots of fun. The divers bringing sea creatures to your window is amazing.

Miles CH
Super nice and friendly staff, comfortable boat with great viewing windows (and you can go up top to see the view as well which is nice), however we didn't see much in the way of sea life on the boat ride. Just one kind of fish in the water, and then a sea urchin, shell and octopus that the divers held up for us. It was pleasant enough and my daughter enjoyed it, but I really was expecting to see more than one type of fish!

John Hill
I am claustrophobic. So actual submarine was no go. But this trip had no terrors. Entrance to Reef Dancer was easy and interior was wonderfully cool. Trip over reef had divers bringing up items to show us. Would have paid more to go out twice as long.

Sharyn Nguyen
Loved it! Highly recommend. Worth the price.

Tiffany Savoy
We recently took the 60 minute tour with kids ages 8 & 10. We had great visibility and the kids enjoyed seeing the coral and marine life. They saw the typical things mentioned in other reviews. I got sea sick and had to sit on the top of the boat, but I expected that would happen.