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Cert 2 Tank Lanai - Lahaina Divers

There have been 2 reviews written about the Cert 2 Tank Lanai with Lahaina Divers.

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<p>2 Tank Dive to Lana'i on '46 Foot Dive Vessel for Certified Divers.&nbsp; Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a 7am Departure from Lahaina.&nbsp; Duration 5 hours.&nbsp; Maximum 18 divers.&nbsp; Gear rental package available at additional cost.</p>

Justin Latone
Decent dive but i was a little turned off by the large boat and high amount of divers

Gary Wells
But the dives are amazing, the crew great, and the service top notch. I've gone
diving to Lanai multiple times with these guys and they're great. They're my go
to crew.<br />
<br />
They took my 16 year old son on a Discovery dive 2years ago with Mitch and he
was amazing how he helped my son feel so at ease and have a great time. Now my
son is certified and we're booking our first dive together with Lahaina Divers
out to Lanai.