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Lucky Lady-Deluxe NaPali Snorkel Cruise - Kauai Sea Tours

There have been 7 reviews written about the Lucky Lady-Deluxe NaPali Snorkel Cruise with Kauai Sea Tours.

Average Product Rating: 4.9 / 5

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  • Destination: Napali Coast or South Shore (Kipu Kai) when strong North wind or seas.
  • 'Lucky Lady' 60' custom built Sailing Catamaran: Designed for fun and views
  • Upper deck & wrap around bench seats
  • Inside covered galley & bar
  • Waterslide and Swim Platform
  • Marine Life: Spinner dolphins, turtles, flying fish (Humpback whales Dec-Mar) 
  • View: sea caves & waterfalls 
  • Narration: with history & legends 
  • Snorkeling: * conditions permitting (gear & instruction) 
  • Freshwater rinse down area
  • Breakfast treats, Juice and Coffee
  • Lunch including soft drinks and water 
  • Beer, Wine & Mai Tai's
  • 2 bathrooms on main deck
  • Capacity: 49 passengers
  • Departs from Port Allen
  • Morning Departure
  • 5 - 5.5  hours
  • Age 3+

eileen carter
My family and myself took this tour May 28th. We not only saw spinner dolphins but also pilot whales. What an experience! coming back home, I got sea-sick but the crew was so wonderful and made me feel like it was O.K. It will be an experience I will never forget for many reasons.

Dianne Jones
This sea tour along the Na Pali coast was awesome! We can highly recommend this boat and crew and will plan to take the tour again when we return to Kauai.

Denise Fitzpatrick
Kauai Sea Tours Na Pali coast morning tour was highlight of our trip! We saw the most beautiful things - coastline, cliffs, waterfalls, spinner dolphins, whales. But what impressed us most was the attentiveness of the crew to all the passengers, especially those few who got sea-sick (despite the many, many suggestions to pre-medicate!) I recommend this to everyone visiting this spectacular island!

Frank Quilty
Our trip was great! The scenery was there so no one can take credit for that. As an aside, we had hiked the Napali coast rail years ago on a 4 day backpacking trip. It was interesting to see the cliffs from the bottom up and how dangerous our backpacking trip was! Having snorkeled in many places around the world we found the snorkeling mediocre at best. But the crew made the trip. Captain Jeff, the dancing tag team of Jamie Lee and Tieg and a third fun but more stoic man (Irv?)provided unlimited entertainment, knowledge, decent food, customer service, great Mai Thais and just plain fun! Would go again in a heartbeat!

Sandra Corder
My family had an awesome time and wanted to return the next day! The crew was friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable! They made sure everyone had what was needed, especially fun! They found the perfect snorkeling spot for the day and gave us plenty of time to enjoy the water. My husband was impressed with the that they were knowledgeable about the geology, history, native customs, and marine life. He is scholarly and loves to learn, but isn't patient with those who just go by a script. This crew is well rounded!

Andrew Zwack
We liked this trip quite a bit. Snorkeling was great, and seeing the Na Pali coast was beautiful. The staff and Captain Jeff seemed knowledgable despite the captain's corny puns (I enjoyed the puns!) Depending on ocean conditions, this does get to be a choppy boat ride so be prepared.

John Davis
Excellent crew, and Capt Tom
Food was delicious and crew was attentive.
Capt Tom narrative tour during excursion very knowledgeable.
Will book again next time we come!