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There have been 8 reviews written about the Malolo Charters AM Snorkel with Frogman Charters.

Average Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

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  • CLOSED due to COVID-19 pandemic (30-days from March 19- April 17).
  • 5 hour Morning snorkel and boat tour 
  • Molokini and Turtle Town stops (weather permitting)
  • Malolo - 55' power catamaran
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Deli Style Lunch
  • All snorkeling equipment
  • Easy stairs into the water, music, lie-on sun tan nets and shady cabin
  • Sport fishing to and from destinations
  • Up to 66 passengers

Jonathan Grass
We loved it! Such a great time at the crater and turtle town. Friendly staff, quality equipment, great music and solid cocktails afterwards! We got lucky and got to see a pod of dolphins!!

Courtney Lopez
This was overall a good time. It leaves nice and early so you get out before it gets really busy and it is nice that it goes to 2 of the bucket list s pots. Gear provided is adequate and the viaibility was awesome. The crew was mixed, some really helpful and a couple of grumps. Here is the bad: the breakfast was just sugary Costco muffins and fruit, not the bagels and cream cheese advertised. Some protein before swimming around in the sun would have been a good idea and much appreciated over the sugar. I had to cut my second location short because i was shaking needing real food. The lunch was not tasty. What can I say, there was cheap bread, american cheese, and funny tasting ham (though generously sliced). At least the veggies were fresh and the macaroni salad was decent. They also came around with some nice cookies at the end. Finally, we did not see any turtles in Turtle Town. Kinda lame, but it didn't ruin the location, still a really nice site to explore. I would probably try another one next time, but I wasn't sorry I went.

Nichole Bartlett
A great tour. It was a little over crowded where we felt crammed. Saw everything we were expecting to see. Extra charges for a wetsuit, camera and alcohol. Very friendly crew.

Tim Arney
Awesome Captain and crew. Good food, good clean boat. Very helpful. Fun trip

Karina Algren
It was a great trip - nice and friendly captain and crew. They did such a good job in regards to welcoming us and informing us about the trip, safety etc. The food was great - muffins and coffee to start with and sandwich for lunch. We will definitely recommend them!!

Andrew Edmonds
Really great trip! Crew was professional, fun and helpful and fast at their jobs. I definitely recommend wearing a wet suit out there, it was a little chilly. The food was exactly as advertised. Only complaint: The Check-In time was 6:00am according to the email. My wife and I were a bit early, 5:45am so we could go to the bathroom and find a good parking spot before check-in. We found out they weren't going to start checking people in until 6:20. We didn't even get on the boat until 7am. Had we known that, we wouldn't have shown up until 6:30 and had enjoyed 45 more minutes of sleep. Maybe the ticket should say check in from 6:15-6:45 or something. That started our day out poorly. We also brought our own floatation devices as no one let us know they would provide them on the boat. (We knew there would be emergency life jackets, but not pool noodles, snorkel belts, and boogie boards.)

Keri Preisler
We really enjoyed our trip to Molokini and turtle town on the Malolo, the crew was great!

Nancy Smith
I had researched company's and trips before hand but had left that info at home.
With some google searches i found your website while there. The process when I
called was very smooth and the lady was very proficient. There were 2 in my
group and we needed to use to different credit cards. She handled it perfectly
and without error!  The crew was amazing. I have been on some tours that i
feel i cant wander around etc but these guys were so friendly, helpful and fun.
Next time i will use this company again for sure. The directions for parking,
where to check in etc were all very easy to understand and followed up with
emailed reciepts and directions. Thanks Tom Barefoot!!!