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Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch - Pacific Whale Foundation

There have been 19 reviews written about the Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Watch with Pacific Whale Foundation.

Average Product Rating: 4.3 / 5

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  • Cruise to see dolphins in the wild along coast of Lanai at one of worlds top 10 snorkel spots
  • Crystal clear water, lots of coral, colorful fish, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins & seasonal whales 
  • Certified Marine Naturalists on-board
  • Onboard Jr. Naturalist Program for kids
  • Kids 12 & under go for FREE with 1 paying adult
  • Free Marine Wildlife Picture card
  • Continental breakfast&nbsp
  • Lunch grilled on-board
  • Snorkel gear, including optical masks for eyeglass wearers
  • Flotation devices, snorkel instruction, fish i.d. class
  • Morning Lahaina departure
  • Only Reef Safe Sunscreen is permitted. See restrictions for details.
  • No full face snorkel masks allowed

wendy Bales
This was an amazing trip, we saw whales and dolphins. A lot of people got sea sick this day, not sure what you can do about that, my family had no problem with this.

Elsie Wong
Support whale research by going on their tours!

Susan C
This trip was AMAZING! I took motion sickness pills just in case, but the ride was very smooth and the water was quite calm. We rode the boat to the island of Lanai and saw a whole bunch of whales on the way. The water at Lanai was crystal clear and so calm! It was perfect. We saw so many fish, an octopus, and a sea turtle :) We were also served a light breakfast and BBQ lunch. On the way back they couldn't find any dolphins but we stopped several times to watch the whales. We even saw a mama and baby whale. It was so much fun, and the Pacific Whale Foundation is all about preservation and is a very good foundation. A lot of their proceeds go towards conservation and education, so it's not JUST a tourist thing.

Anne Fairlie
great staff on board. good food. shame about the dolphins although it wasn't evident that they tried very hard to find them. good equipment and the boat was very well laid out and user friendly. informative about marine life and very cheerful staff.

Albert Garzon
Boat trip was fine. Snorkeling was better in front if my hotel though. Wouldn't do it again or recommend it. Staff did a great job and food was fine..

Richard Beccia
Had a great time! We would do this again.

Barbara Polasko
Had a great time snorkeling and saw lots of dolphins. Crew were great.

Angie Mcfarland
Our second trip with pacific whale foundation. Wond! Everything was exceptional, friendly helpful knowledge able staff! Great food, awesome snorkeling! Can't wait to go again!

Lisa Smmi
I highly recommend this. I took my two daughters and we all enjoyed it. The staff on the boat were awasome, would defiantly do it again if I had the chance!!

Nichole Derrick
We were lucky to have a lightly attended, smooth day. Dolphins were fun, crew was great, food was good but a bit skimpy. Snorkeling was pretty average for the area.

Eastside Lawncare
The trip was great. We have done just about every snorkel trip Maui has to offer and this was the best, and ironically one of the least expensive! My kids were delighted when we spotted hundreds of Dolphins along the coast of Lanai.

Jennifer Flora
Highly recommend. Loved seeing the "other side" of the island on our half-circle tour. Matt was super friendly and knowledgeable and we enjoyed his ability to engage in witty banter. A fantastic experience!

My family and I had the best time on the snorkeling trip on the morning of our
flight home. The crew was so nice and funny. It was well organized and
everything we needed was provided for us. <br />
During the trip we saw dolphins, a sea turtle, and beautiful fish. I have a
slight fear of water that I’m working on, and I felt safe the entire time. <br
We will definitely do the same trip again, and will book through tom’s
barefoot. They made my last minute registration so easy, their discount was
great, and she was very charming. <br />
Thank you for everything.

Amy Tinoco
Tom's was great with the reservation, the problem was we did not see a single whale or dolphin. Expensive ride to not see a thing. Everyone recommended we should have taken a small boat rather than the huge tour boat.

Amanda G
Great trip! Water was pretty rough, but aside from getting sea sick, the
snorkeling and staff were phenomenal!

Jordan C
Dolphins were mentioned an entire two times on this tour: (1) "Haha, I bet you
guys are on this tour because it had dolphin in the title!" - one employee and
(2) "We see dolphins around here 80% of the time." I completely understand that
dolphins are wild creatures that you very well might not see on a tour, but the
fact they were never even mentioned outside these two instances - no talking
about how they'll try to find them, no facts about them, nothing - was extremely
disappointing. The staff was very nice and professional, and the food as good as
it can get on a crowded boat tour full of families. Our window was broken and
shut as were some others though, causing us to feel more sick than expected.
Honestly, I would just book something closer to Maui's shores so you don't have
to go as far. It wasn't worth going out to Lanai as we didn't stop on it and it
wasn't very scenic.

Danet Dziengel
This tour was a huge disappointment. The boat ride was very long. The snorkeling
was terrible. The coral was dying and there was very little fish to see. The
food was very mediocre. Honestly it was worse then a elementary field trip. Huge
was of money.

Mike Sheehan
Great day on the water. &nbsp;The skipper and his young crew were fantastic.
&nbsp;Everyone was pleasant and helpful. &nbsp;Having the crew be so
enthusiastic and knowledgeable made the day so much more enjoyable. &nbsp;The
food and service was excellent too!

Jessica Shourd
My family and I really loved this tour! Aside from an excellent and
knowledgeable staff, good music, tons of marine life, and excellent
snorkeling...it’s a great contribution to whale and marine life research. I
will always look to book to these types of tours that better educate the general
public and preserve our oceans/ocean life.