Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Waikapu.

Hiking Trails

Maui Beaches - Haycraft Beach Park

Haycraft Beach Park is a very small Maui County park located at the very eastern extremity of the town of Maalaea. Being almost adjacent to Maalaea Harbor you will be able to see the boats coming in and out of the harbor on their daily routine. From Haycraft Beach you can walk east on one of the longest beaches on the island eventually taking..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Fishing With Maui Fun Charters

Going fishing with Kelly and Monroe Bryce was a very pleasurable experience. Instead of trekking out to the deep sea buoys that lie over ten miles off shore they took us down along the South Maui coastline to do some bottom fishing in the relatively calm coastal waters. We trolled on the way out to the fishing grounds and then were briefed on the..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Flyin Hawaiian Ziplines, Virtual Tour

This is the first of seven ziplines at the Flyin Hawaiian zip line adventure.
This tour travels from Waikapu to Maalaea by zip line. These ziplines cross entire valleys. These ziplines are definitely the real deal, it is not uncommon for top speeds of the course often exceed 65mph.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Four Winds Molokini Whale Encounter

This was an amazing trip. Our whale encounters were simply indescribable. We caught them on video, watch them below. When we got to Molokini as usual, the water was crystal clear. We had a great time exploring all the nooks and crannies of the reef seeing what kinds of wildlife we could discover.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Molokini & Turtles With Pride Of Maui

The morning we went out with the Pride of Maui was a magnificent spring day. We had gentle trade winds throughout which were enough to keep us cool but not enough to have any negative effects on the snorkeling conditions. On this day one of our website developers, Kiai Barretto, accompanied me on the trip. We like to go diving in our free time so..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Tom & Jake Barefoot Go To The Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is a must do for anyone who is remotely curious about the marine life that lives in Hawaiian waters. This facility is on par with other aquariums that you will find in such places as Monterey in California. Once your admitted into the park you're free to browse around for as long as you wish. There are aquarium personnel..