Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Puunene.

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Maui Beaches - Kanaha Beach Park, aka Kite Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

Kanaha Beach is one of the major beaches located on Maui's north-central coastline. Kanaha is actually an enormous series of adjacent beaches that stretch through no less than five separate parking entrances. Like most North Maui beaches it faces directly into the north-east trade winds and so Kanaha has its fair share of winds which usually..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Flyin Hawaiian Ziplines, Virtual Tour

This is the first of seven ziplines at the Flyin Hawaiian zip line adventure.
This tour travels from Waikapu to Maalaea by zip line. These ziplines cross entire valleys. These ziplines are definitely the real deal, it is not uncommon for top speeds of the course often exceed 65mph.