Things to do in Hawaii within 45 miles of Ocean View.

Hiking Trails

Big Island Beaches - Kahalu'u Beach

Perhaps the very best and the most famous beach for snorkeling on the Big Island is Kahalu'u Beach Park. The variety and volume of fish found at Kahalu'u will rival any spot in Hawaii. I found this out first hand on one of my very first trips to the Big Island. I was looking for a place to swim distance one morning and was erroneously..

Big Island Beaches - La'aloa (Magic Sands) Beach

La'aloa Beach Park in the town of Kailua-Kona is also referred to as Magic Sands Beach, White Sands Beach and Disappearing Sands Beach. Though its Hawaiian name has implications suggesting it is a beach of sacred nature the other three more popular names refer to the propensity of the beach to lose its sand each winter and early spring to the..

Big Island Beaches - Old Kona Airport Beach

The Old Kona Airport landing field became obsolete in the early 1970's but the one-mile landing strip still exists. This huge stretch of asphalt lies right next to the ocean just north of the city of Kailua-Kona and today serves as the gigantic parking area for the Old Kona Airport Beach.

Big Island Beaches - Punalu'u Beach

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is the largest black sand beach in the state. Located south of the Volcanoes National Park on the coastal Highway 11 it is a beach that is basically fairly far from populated areas and most people will decide to enjoy a quick visit when they take the southern route to visit the volcanoes if they are staying in the..

Big Island Beaches - Whittington Beach Park

One of the oddest County parks on the Big Island is a small park called Whitington Beach Park. It is located at the 60 mile marker on the circle island Highway #11 and is a good spot to visit if you are traveling from Kona to visit the Volcanoes National Park. The name is a misnomer at the very least as there is really not a beach here. Where..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #105 - Dolphin watching with Captain Zodiac

We met up with Captain Zodiac office at their office, located on edge of the Honokohau Harbor about ten minutes north of Kona. When I showed up the people at the office greeted me and then directed me where to meet up with the boat. I followed their directions and found the boat in a slip near the boat ramp (about 75 yards away from the office)...

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #110 - Royal Kona Resort Luau

The Royal Kona Resort Luau is located in the heart of Kona town in-between Ali'i Drive and the ocean. When we pulled up to the check in I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks at the edge of the luau grounds, we were given leis and made our way to the bar to sample their specialty drinks. The self serve open bar offered an assortment..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #112 - Manta Ray Dive with Neptune Charlies

I was standing on the porch of our vacation rental watching the sunset when I reached into my pocket for my schedule so I could check and see what I had planned for the following day. I was thrilled when I looked down at my handwritten schedule and saw.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #119 - Kona Dolphin Swim with Captain "China" Mike

Swimming with the dolphins in the wild is something that can be easily arranged by Tom Barefoot's Tours for anyone vacationing on the Big Island.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #121 - Year round Kona Parasail with UFO

The sport of Parasailing was was given birth during an experiment by a French skydiving instructor named Piere Lamoigne. Piere was looking for an easier way to get his students into the air then dropping them out of a plane when he first tied a parachute onto a rope behind his car. Because the whole purpose of the experiment was to get the parachute into the air, Pierre called his creation "Parascending".

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #130 - Snorkeling Kona with Body Glove

The morning we went on the Body Glove I woke up and looked out the window and was delighted to see that there was not a breath of wind in the sky and the ocean was completely calm. Perfect weather for snorkeling.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #132 - Kona Submarine Ride

Today we decided it would be fun to go on a submarine ride with Atlantis Submarines. We checked in at their office which is located just across the street from the Kailua Pier. The woman who checked us in was very friendly and gave us our tickets and directed us where to go to check in. We walked across the street to where the ferry was at and got onboard.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #133 - Snorkeling The Kealakekua Bay Marine Preserve With Fair Wind II

This morning we checked in for our days snorkel excursion down at boat ramp at Keauhou Bay, which is located on the southern end of Kona Town. As we pulled into the parking lot we could see the large blue shape of the Fair Wind II tied up to the pier. We checked in at the main check in office where we were issued our boarding passes to get on the..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #136 - Snorkeling Kona On The Kamanu

Today we went out on a smaller sized sailing catamaran named the "Kamanu". We met the boat down at Honokohau Harbor to check in for the trip. As I entered their office I noticed some amazing pictures of Manta Rays on the walls that the receptionist told me were taken on the evening "Manta" snorkel, I was impressed. After we were done checking in we were directed to the slip in the harbor where the Kamanu was waiting for us.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #139 - Kayak Sea Cave Adventure With Ocean Safari Kayaks

When we pulled into the parking lot at the Keauhou Bay we could immediately see that the day's ocean conditions were absolutely perfect for kayaking. We selected our two person kayak from a group of kayaks that were lined up on the shore. As we geared up our boat the rest of our group arrived and after our guide gave the group a quick briefing he..