Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Maluaka Beach.

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Maui Beaches - Kamaole Beach Park #2

Kamaole Beach Park #2 is the middle beach in the triad of beautiful white-sand beaches in central Kihei known as the Kamaole beaches. The characteristics of Kamaole 2 are very similar to those of Kamaole 1. It is just short of a third of a mile in length from tip to tip, it has a sand bottom except at the edges of its crescent, it is good for..

Maui Beaches - Kamaole Beach Park #3

Of all three of the beaches that make up the triad of Kamaole Beach Parks in Kihei, Kamaole Beach Park #3 is the one that is the most different. The beach here is beautiful as well as the others but it is much smaller. It also has rock promontories on either end that can provide an interesting walk. The beach has the appearance of being much..

Maui Beaches - Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach in Kihei is an enormous beach stretching approximately one mile from tip to tip. It is so large in fact that there are three separate points of entry where you can park and then walk to the beach. The north and the south ends of Keawakapu are generally the most populated areas in terms of beachgoers. The middle entrance is..

Maui Beaches - Makena Beach

Makena Beach is considered by many to be the very best beach on Maui. Makena Beach is the beach furthest to the south of all the main beaches on the island. It is located just south of Pu'u Olai which is also known as Red Hill. This extinct cinder cone marks the south-west corner of the island and Makena beach is located at the bend of the..

Maui Beaches - Maluaka Beach (Maui Prince Beach)

There are simply so many beautiful beaches in South Maui that it is hard to pick a favorite. Many people choose Maluaka Beach as their favorite however for a number of reasons. It is a long and wide beach with beautiful white sand, actually more golden in color. In many ways it is similar to its neighbor beach of Makena which is located right..

Maui Beaches - Poolenalena (Chang's) Beach

Probably due to the fact that Po'olenalena Beach is not located directly in front of, or not particularly close to a major resort hotel it is remarkably unpopulated by beachgoers with the exception of local residents. There is a large parking lot, albeit dirt, abutting the only Wailea/Makena thoroughfare traversing the coastline and so it is..

Maui Beaches - Ulua Beach (In the heart of Wailea)

Ulua Beach is a charming beach that is located in the heart of Wailea. Access to the beach from outside the resort can be found on the Ulua Beach turnoff from Wailea Alanui Drive just north of the Shops at Wailea. If you are already in Wailea Ulua Beach can be accessed from the beach sidewalk that runs the entire distance of Wailea along the..

Maui Beaches - Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach is the jewel of the Wailea Beaches. This is the largest beach in Wailea and a case could easily made that it is the most beautiful. It certainly was beautiful enough for the Grand Wailea Resort and the Wailea Four Seasons Resort to make the decision to construct their properties here and each of these hotels have been listed as the best hotel in the world on numerous occasions.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Blue Water Rafting Kanaio Coast

The Kanaio Coastline is one of the jewels of the Southern Side of Maui. This area has been a longtime favorite spot for many of Maui's shore fisherman because of the large amount of pelagic fish that reside here feeding on the abundant populations of reef fish. Blue Water Rafting offers trips to this area that depart from the Kihei Boat Ramp..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Grand Wailea Massage Video

At the Grand Wailea Spa you can choose from a wide variety of singles as well as couples massages. Options include Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, deep tissue, aromatherapy massages and more!

Travel Blog Articles - All - Kai Kanani Morning Molokini Trip

The Molokini express is a different tour then most of the snorkel excursions that go to Molokini. The Kai Kanani has a mooring in front of the Maui Prince hotel that is only about a fifteen-minute boat ride from Molokini. This close proximity For more information visit: http://www.tombarefootshawaiitoursact... allows them to snorkel at Molokini as..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Makena Stables Horseback Ride

Today we went horseback riding with Makena Stables. We started out by making our way down the coastline of La Perouse Bay. Our trail took us through the forest and down to the beach, we then continued up the hill to the location of the most recent volcanic eruption on Maui, far on the hill above La Perouse Bay. Here we ate lunch and took in the..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Molokini Snorkeling With Seafire

Today we departed from the Kihei Boat Ramp to the island of Molokini aboard the "Seafire". Once onboard, the powerful twin motors of the "Seafire" got us to Molokini very quickly. Once there we easily entered the water using the swim step on the back of the boat. Once in the water I was able to find a variety of fish and sea..

Travel Blog Articles - All - The Grand Luau At Honuaula Video

At the beginning of the luau we were greeted with a variety of exhibits on Hawaiian culture including a few games that were open to audience participation. After this section was completed the pig was unearthed from its Hawaiian oven called an imu and the buffet began. The variety of dishes was immense and everyone left the luau buffet with..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #117 - Sunset Sail with the Kai Kanani

It was a typical bright sunny day in South Maui as we headed down to Makena to go for a sunset sail with Kai Kanani Catamaran. As we walked along the grassy path to the beach we saw the beautiful catamaran coming towards the shore. It gently glided up on the sand and we were welcomed aboard by the crew. This was my first time on this boat and I..