Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Ko Olina.

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Oahu Beaches - Ko'olina Lagoons Beaches

The Ko'Olina Resort area located on Oahu's west-facing coast boasts a total of four almost identical looking, side-by-side man-made lagoons. If you're an ocean purist and like your beaches created by the hand of nature, you're out of luck at these beaches. The flip side is that these Ko'Olina Beach Lagoons are purposely..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #143 - An Evening At The Paradise Cove Luau

We had been outside waiting by the curb for about 30 seconds when the Paradise Cove Luau bus pulled up in front of us. The luau representative greeted and gave us our admission tickets to the luau grounds. It took a little more than half an hour for us to get to our destination. Once we were there we filed out of the bus and made our way through the gates and into the luau grounds.