Things to do in Hawaii within 20 miles of Kipahulu.

Hiking Trails

Maui Beaches - Hamoa Beach

Perhaps the most beautiful of all the Hana beaches is the beach at Hamoa. Years ago the high-end Hana Hotel realized this and purchased the land directly behind the beach to be used as a staging area of sorts for their guests to use and often the hotel will bus their guests the two or three miles from the hotel to Hamoa Beach. The beach itself..

Maui Beaches - Hana Bay Beach

Hana Bay is a fairly protected cove area with a large crescent shaped beach that runs parallel to the frontage road which leads to the Hana Harbor Pier. A large abutment of rock shoots almost straight up hundreds of feet high from the bay itself and acts as a tremendous shield from the wind. All and all the bay and its gentle sloping beach is a..

Maui Beaches - Wainapanapa Beach

When black lava rock breaks down over time it creates black sand, and this has been the case at the beautiful Hana beach of Wainapanapa. Wainapanapa is also a park as well as a beach and there are miles of trails to wander. The Kings Highway which was purportedly built under the reign of King Piilanai many centuries ago actually ringed the..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Makena Stables Horseback Ride

Today we went horseback riding with Makena Stables. We started out by making our way down the coastline of La Perouse Bay. Our trail took us through the forest and down to the beach, we then continued up the hill to the location of the most recent volcanic eruption on Maui, far on the hill above La Perouse Bay. Here we ate lunch and took in the..