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Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Kilauea.

Hiking Trails

Kauai Beaches - Anini Beach - Kauai's Windsurfing Beach

Anini Beach is a narrow sliver of a beach that extends along Kauai's North Shore for somewhat over two miles. Anini Beach is an oddity on the North Shore because it is largely protected by a huge fringe reef that is one of the largest in the state. Not only is this reef long but it is very wide as well measuring as wide as 400 yards in..

Kauai Beaches - Kalihiwai Beach - This Kauai Beach Can Be Dangerous For Swimming

Kalihiwai Beach is one of the truly beautiful North Shore Beaches. It is scenically positioned between two prominent points of land and its perfect crescent shape is first noticeable as you get a glimpse of the bay when driving down the roadway which dead-ends at the beach itself. It's beautiful fine white sand backs up to an ironwood forest..

Kauai Beaches - Ke'e Beach

Like so many beaches on the North Shore of Kauai safety is a big issue for Ke'e Beach. This remarkably beautiful beach has been the scene of many drownings over the years and everyone entering the water here needs to be able to access the dangers clearly. As is true of the other North Shore beaches the largest waves will impact Ke'e in..

Kauai Beaches - Secret Beach Kauai (this beach is dangerous and is not recommended for swimming)

Another one of Kauai's spectacularly beautiful beaches is Secret Beach. This long series of gorgeous white sand beaches can be readily seen from the Kilauea Lighthouse as you look toward the Na Pali Coastline. Secret beach is surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides which are covered with trees and this is a favorite spot for Kauai artists to..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #90 - Horseback Riding with Princeville Ranch

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that it was an absolutely classic sunny Hawaiian day outside. I put on my long pants, socks and shoes, then made a quick breakfast before I left to go on the waterfall ride with Princeville Ranch Stables. I knew that there was going to be some sort of mountaineering that was involved in the days trip, so I was pretty excited.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #91 - The Waterfall At Silver Falls Ranch

Before we even got to the ranch I knew that we were in for a special experience. The ride that we had scheduled for the day was at Silver Falls Ranch, which is located deep in the jungle, on the north side of Kauai. We had just had some rain the night before our ride; all the foliage seemed like it had become a brighter shade of green then it was..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #95 - Zip Lines at the Princeville Ranch

This year my girlfriend Simone and I decided that we were going to celebrate Valentines days a little bit differently then we have in the past. We decided that we were going to go up to the North Shore of Kauai and try out the zipline at the Princeville Ranch.