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Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Kaanapali.

Hiking Trails

Maui Beaches - Honokowai Beach Park

Honokowai Beach Park is undoubtedly the focal point of activity in the town of Honokowai. Anyone driving through the beach community of Honokowai will get their first glimpse of the ocean when they drive by the park on the Lower Honoapiilani Hawaii. As the name implies, Honokowai Beach Park is both a beach and a park. The large expanses of lawn..

Maui Beaches - Kaanapali Beach (Black Rock)

Of all the beaches on Maui probably the most famous is Kaanapali Beach. This enormous white sand crescent shaped beach is the centerpiece of the Kaanapali Beach Resort which is the home of five of the most popular hotels on Maui as well as six of the largest condominium complexes. Kaanapali Beach is not only extremely wide with the most..

Maui Beaches - Kapalua Bay

Over the years various organizations, magazines and self appointed experts have taken on the task of determining the best beaches in the world. The criteria used is presumably different in each case but for what it's worth, Kapalua Bay has appeared at the top of this list in many of these surveys, not just once, but for a number of times. ..

Maui Beaches - Maui Beaches Hanakao`o Beach Park (Canoe Beach)

Hanakao'o Beach park is located on the southern extremity of Kaanapali Beach just off the Honoapiilani Highway (Rt. 30) about two miles north of the town of Lahaina. Its more popular name is "Canoe Beach" because this is the home of the Lahaina Canoe Club and is the site of numerous outrigger canoe regalia competitions throughout the year. When..

Maui Beaches - Napili Bay

Napili Bay is a beautiful crescent shaped white sand beach that is located in the area of the island called Napili along the coast of West Maui. Napili Bay is very popular, particularly among people who are staying in Napili and are within walking distance of this seaside jewel of a beach. Those traveling to Napili Bay by car will have to find..

Maui Beaches - Pohaku Park (S-Turns)

Pohaku Beach Park is located in Kahana just south and within easy view of the high-rise portion of town. This small beach park is often referred to as S-Turns because of the curve in the road that used to be there years ago before it was straightened. It is also the sight of a fairly popular surf break which also goes by the name of S-Turns. ..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Gemini Snorkel Trip

Today was a Kona wind day with rather heavy variable winds. We set sail towards the channel and searched for some whales which we found quickly. A mother and a calf breached near our boat before we anchored and lowered the snorkel step to search through the wreckage of the ancient Mala pier that was destroyed during hurricane Aniki in 1992. The..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Hyatt Regency Ka'anapali Luau Video

When we attended the "Drums of the Pacific" Luau at the Hyatt regency we watched their Polynesian revue that came on right as the sun was going down. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, which had a variety of traditional polynesian entertainment from all corners of the pacific. We saw the graceful movements of the Tahitian as well as the..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Lahaina Divers Molokini

For our dive our instructor took us along the eastern tip of Molokini where we saw a variety of fish species. There were all kinds of nocturnal fish that were burying themselves into holes and caves in the reef to get some rest during the daytime. We saw some white tipped reef sharks that were hanging out under a ledge and then we were able to get..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Lanai Dolphins With Ocean Riders

Today we went out with Ocean Riders on their sleek 28' speedboat on a mission to circumnavigate the island of Lanai. The weather was slightly overcast but there was not a breath of wind in the air which made the surface of the ocean as smooth as a pane of glass. On our way across the channel we encountered multiple pods of whales. Two of which..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Lanai's Dolphins With Maui Adventure Cruises

Today turned out to be quite an exciting day. At the beginning of the day we were told by the Captain that if we were lucky he would be able to show us Sea Turtles, Dolphins and Whales. I guess we were lucky because we saw them all. The boat ride over was very smooth and the snorkeling conditions were incredible. There were schools of hundreds of..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Pacific Jet Sport

Today my afternoon plans fell through so I thought it might be a good idea to go for a jet ski ride. I called up Pacific Jet Sport in Kaanapali and they happened to have availability because of a cancelation so I decided to go for it. I checked in at the beach and was immediately shuttled out on a zodiac boat to their floating off shore jet ski..