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Things to do in Hawaii within 5 miles of Eleele.

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Kauai Beaches - Glass Beach (this is a dangerous beach for swimming)

Glass Beach near Port Allen is truly one of the oddest beaches you will find on Kauai, or anyplace else for that matter. Glass Beach is not a beach for swimming, or even getting into the water, but it is a beach to explore.

Kauai Beaches - Salt Pond Beach

As far as beaches go on Kauai, Salt Pond is one of the most people friendly. Foremost in importance is that it has a lifeguard on duty. Secondly, it has all the amenities you would need at the beach. There are protected cabanas to sit under and visit with friends. There are clean bathrooms available in addition to fresh water showers and..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Blue Dolphin To Niihau

This trip on the Blue Dolphin was the first time I have ever been to Niihau and I can honestly say that I was absolutely flabbergasted with what I saw there. It was a deep water snorkel site so the shots that I got with my underwater camera really did not do the place justice because many of the fish that looked like specs on the film were really..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Captain Andy's Napali Coast Tour

Captain Andy's Sailing Charters is one of the original companies on Kauai to offer catamaran charters up the magnificent Napali Coast. The catamarans that make up the fleet of Captain Andy's are sleek, stable, speedy vessels that are ideal for making such a voyage. The trampolines on the front of the boat are great for those who would like..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Catamaran Kahanu Napali Coast

The Catamaran Kahunu is a small family owned company. The captain and crew were both very nice and made the trip a pleasure to be on. The captain explained to us how the fish that the dolphins feed on like to be right on the edge of the current line and if he can find the current line then he will almost always find the dolphins. He pointed out..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Holo Holo Napali Sunset Sail

This afternoon voyage up the Napali Coast was one of the most leisurly of all of the Napali Coast Trips I have done. The boat is very large and stable, it has a spacious cabin with plenty of room to spread out. As we left the harbor the crew came around with the first round of drinks and continued to keep everyone's cups full for the remainder..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai Sea Tours was a classic trip up the Napali Coast. The boat was a combination of a power and sailing catamaran and it provided a very smooth ride along the base of the enormous cliffs of the Napali Coastline of Kauai. We saw dolphins, an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, magnificent valleys and cliffs that stretched over three thousand feet..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #77 - Sunset Over Napali With Captain Andy's

It is not often at all that I go on a tour and am completely and utterly impressed with the experience that I have. Today, when I went on the sunset sail with Captain Andy's Charters up the Napali Coast, was one of those days. The weather, the service of the crew, and itinerary of the trip were all flaw less.

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #83 - Kauai Sea Tours, Napali Sunset Sail

I love the sunset sails on Kauai. I really appreciate that with these sails, there is an actual destination to the whole adventure. You get to sail all the way to the Napali coast while you watch the sun go down. The enjoyed this much more then some of the other sunset sails that just sort of aimlessly travel around in circles watching the sun go..

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #87 - Whale Watch/Napali Coast Dinner Cruise On The Blue Dolphin

As we checked in at the Blue Dolphin store in the shopping village of Port Allen I looked up at the grey threatening looking sky and thought to myself:

Travel Blog Articles - All - Travel Blog #96 - Niihau and the Napali Coast with Holo Holo Charters

Today I got to take my Mom to see something very special.

In the 1400+ years that the Hawaiian Islands have been inhabited by humans, an amazingly rich culture has developed here. Throughout different migrations, people landed on these shores and contributed new and different things from their homelands. These migrations eventually merged..