Ziplines in Kona?

We're going to be staying in Kailua/Kona but we can't locate any zip lines except on the other side of the island. Are there any closer?


No, at the time of this writing (2011) all the zip lines on the Big Island are either located near Hilo or up near Hawi. Don't despair however, these jungle and mountain areas provide the best topography for a zip line adventure. It is a long drive over there, but very worth it. One option you might consider is going over to the Umauma Zipline near Hilo because they have excellent changing facilities on property. You can enjoy the zipline and then freshen up and travel to see other points of interest in the Hilo area. Because it is a very long day, however you do it, we suggest that you leave very early in the morning from Kona and take one of the first ziplines in the morning so you still have time to visit other places in the afternoon. Better yet, plan to spend a night in Hilo and be sure to take in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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Zip lining in Hawaii is such a new activity category that the industry itself can't yet quite even decide how to write its name! You will see it labeled zip lining in Hawaii, ziplining in Hawaii, zip-lining in Hawaii or just simply as Hawaii zip tours.

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