Zipline Tours on Maui with Piiholo Ranch Zipline

The Piiholo Ranch Zip-line, for many people who have completed the course as well as for many professionals in the industry, is considered to be the single most beautiful and fun zip-line course in the state of Hawaii. Part of that has to do with its location. It is located in the area of Maui called Olinda which is just above the cowboy town of Makawao. The ranchland that it is run on was once part of the gigantic Haleakala Ranch and is now called the Piiholo Ranch. It is found in the meadowland areas and eucalyptus forests on the slopes of Haleakala with stunning views of Maui's central valley below and beautiful view of the ocean in all directions. A second reason this course is considered to be so spectacular is that it has been designed to perfection. All of its zip-lines are actually double lines designed for two persons to fly down parallel lines at the same time. This proves to be great fun as you race your family and friends to the end of the line. The end of the line in most cases, is really far away. Their spectacular line number five is 2800' long and in fact is the longest double line in Hawaii. It will take over a minute of 50+ mph zipping to make it to the end. The specially designed and rigorously tested and approved harnesses and seats are completely comfortable and allow you to relax as much as is possible while zipping along at 50mph over gulches that are over 300 feet deep. The excitement is overwhelming and this has been a favorite for young and for old since the first Maui visitor made his way down when the course first opened.

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Found of the slopes of Haleakala at about the 2500' level just a couple of miles above the 'cowboy' town of Makawao is found the Piiholo Ranch. This working cattle ranch is the home of the most beautiful meadowland horseback riding area on the island as well as the home of two of the most popular zipline courses to be found on Maui.

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