Zipline Tours and Adventures in Kauai with Princeville Ranch Adventures

Princeville Ranch Adventures Zipline reveals Kauai's natural beauty at its finest! Located in the stunning Hanalei area of the island (made famous in the movie South Pacific as Bali Hai), this Zipline course will simply take your breath away. From the Hanalei Mountains, which form the backdrop of this picture-postcard setting; Through the jungle valleys complete with streams and waterfalls; To the panoramic vistas of blue Pacific Ocean, which abut the bottom portion of this magnificent ranch; You will feel as though you have reached heaven on earth! In the midst of all this natural beauty, you will experience adventure galore as nine separate Ziplines will send you down a time-warp as you zip over what must be the closest thing on earth to the Garden of Eden. All the Ziplines on this course have their special appeal, but none more so than the last called the "King Kong." This is a double Zipline that allows you to race along side your buddy at sizzling speeds to the end of the course. Swimming holes with waterfalls will also be a part of your experience here, and a hearty lunch is available on the longer tours.

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The Princeville Ranch is certainly one of the most beautiful of any in the whole state of Hawaii. With its backdrop of the romantic Hanalei Mountains and it rolling hills to the sea, the Princeville Ranch is the home of a spectacular zip line course, river kayaking, hiking and some of the most amazing horseback riding country to be found anywhere.

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