Zipline Tours and Adventures in Kauai with Outfitters Kauai

Outfitters Kauai is an adventure company on Kauai that has a tradition of providing innovative and imaginative adventures for its clients. They have outdone themselves however in providing an eight-line zip-line course that zooms it way high through the forest canopy on the land of the amazing Kipu Ranch (you will recognize the features of this ranch at first sight as it has been the backdrop of many Hollywood blockbusters you have seen over the years such as Jurassic Park and King Kong). Your journey to and on this zip-line course will include foot trails through exotic mountain forests, extension bridges, raised mountain walkways, paths leading through tunnels, suspension bridges and gentle slopes through beautiful meadows down to jungle streams. As if eight zip-lines would not be exciting enough you will also have the opportunity to use a "Zippel Line" which combines the techniques of rappelling with zip-lining. If you are competitive you will be able to race your friends along a side by side zip screaming you down hill for a full 1800'. For those who are adventurous types you will be able to actually plunge from the air off a zip to the beautiful "Blue Pool" below.

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Outfitters Kauai is an adventure company on Kauai that offers a combination of ocean and river kayaking experiences, hiking tours, bike tours and zipline adventures.

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