X-Treme Activities with The Original Glider Rides

X-treme activities is the name of the game with the exciting and thrilling fixed wing glider rides offered by The Original Glider Rides, which take you soaring along the north shore of Oahu. These glider rides offered by The Original Glider Rides will take your breath away. You will start by being towed upward attached to a tethered line by a small plane until you reach the desired height. You can even choose to fly over the mountain tops in the area surrounding the Waianae Coast, and then your pilot will release the tether and you will be soaring on the winds of North Oahu. Part of the X-treme thrill and appreciation experienced on this ride is that there was no sound, simply the whizzing by of wind and the still silence only a bird could know. The air field you depart from is called Dillingham and it used to belong to the U.S. Air Force during WW ll. It was decommissioned in the late nineteen sixties and has since been taken over by the State of Hawaii. The field provides more than enough room for this purpose and is about nine-thousand feet long and about seventy-five feet in width. Your pilots are first class as many of them are retired airline pilots who are simply now sharing their joy of flying with the general public.

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