X-Treme Activities with Hawaii Shark Encounters

Does being in the water just underneath the surface watching a fifteen-foot shark swim by just feet from you sound X-treme. If you are the type of person that likes "X-treme" and you think that this fits the bill, you might just want to give Hawaii Shark Encounters a try. Hawaii Shark Encounters is one of the few companies that offers this level of excitement in the state of Hawaii. This type of tour can only be found on Oahu so make sure that if you have an interest you do it while you're here because it won't be available anywhere else. There is a chance that you may see Sandbar, Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks or occasionally a Tiger Shark but the one seen in greatest numbers is the Galapagos Shark. These shark tours generally operate in the mornings and have departure times between 7am and 12 noon. The afternoon times can often be too rough and windy.

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Hawaii Shark Encounters offers one of Hawaii's most unique tours and can be found on the North Side of Oahu departing from the Haleiwa Boat Harbor. You will travel approximately 3 miles off the coast to an area that is inhabited by a large shark population and you will be jumping in a shark cage behind the vessel to view these amazing 5' to 15' long sharks.

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