Will the Fishing be Good on Oahu?

Everyone talks about Kona on the Big Island as being the place to be to sport fish in Hawaii. We will only be visiting Oahu on our trip next month. Will fishing still be good on Oahu?


I think it could be generally surmised that the very best fishing in all of Hawaii would be off the Kona coast of the Big Island. If fishing were the only reason you were visiting Hawaii and you were trying to choose the very best place to go sport fishing, the Big Island would be the spot you would want to choose. That being said, is sport fishing off of Oahu "chopped liver"? By all means the answer is an unequivocal, NO! Big fish are caught off Oahu all the time and lots of smaller fish as well. There are many places off the coast that are good for fishing on Oahu and the captains are quite good at choosing the locations that will be a best bet on a daily basis. Places like Pinnacles, Penguin Banks and the west coast of the island up toward Kaena Point are all solid areas to fish. If you are truly a fisherman, you're better off taking a charter from Oahu than sitting it out because as every fisherman knows, "a bad day fishing is better than the best day back at the office".

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Hawaii fishing is perhaps the single most important category of tours available on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Big Island of Hawaii is certainly the spot on the islands where you will find the best Hawaii fishing.

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