Why is Maui Ocean Center Such a Great Place to Visit With Children?

Why is Maui Ocean Center Such a Great Place to Visit With Children?

People of every age will enjoy a visit to Maui Ocean Center. The aquarium complex houses a huge variety of sea life that are found in the waters around Maui.

As you enter the complex you will find a shallow touch pool where children can reach into the water and touch a few gentle sea creatures. Turn right when you enter to find several exhibits that focus on the sealife that is native to the shallow coral reefs with octopus, tiny colorful reef fish, living corals, sea horses and many other strange creatures on display.

The shark tunnel is a big favorite with children. Step into the tunnel and be amazed as you enter their world. Tiger sharks and white tipped reef sharks swim right over your head, almost close enough to touch.

Proceed to exhibits that feature Hawaii's much loved gentle sea turtles and rays.
Maui Ocean Center is a fantastic introduction to the ocean world that surrounds us.

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