Why is Kauai the recommended Hawaiian Island for Kayaking?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Kauai is the only Hawaiian island that has an abundance of navigable rivers, and it is the only island to have the fabulous NaPali Coastline. Because Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and has been extinct for approximately 5 million years, it has had much time to erode and particularly the eastern portions of the island have been reduced over time to a fairly flat alluvial plain that holds the runoff over eons of the soil swept down off the huge mountains in the center of the island. This has caused, over time, an outlet for the tremendous water volume that falls in central Kauai to find its way to the sea. Its journey as it makes its steep drops from the high mountains is gradually slowed as it reaches the flat alluvial plain and turns its way on most days into gently flowing rivers that meanders their way to the coast. These gentle rivers make an excellent avenue for kayak paddling.

In addition, all the other main Hawaiian Islands include sea kayaking in their repertoire of activity venues but the truth is, that none have the spectacular grandeur of the NaPali Coastline. This eleven mile stretch of ocean is considered to be among the most beautiful coastlines on the surface of the earth. Though these kayak tours are only offered in the late spring, summer and early fall months because of the extreme surf which often pounds this coast in other times of year, they have been the mecca for kayak enthusiasts for decades. Paddling at the base of these stately sea cliffs, exploring the ins and outs of the multitude of sea caves, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and admiring the seemingly endless sea life are all a part of a life in the day of a kayak tour along the NaPali Coast.

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Hawaii kayak tours are a very popular category of activities enjoyed by island visitors. Kayaking in Hawaii provides so much in the way of excitement, outdoor adventure, marine exploration and overall healthy exercise that it attracts people like a magnet.

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