Why are dinner cruises on Kauai so long?

I read on your site that some of the dinner cruises on Kauai are actually as long as four or five-hours in length. Why are they so long? The ones I've done previously on Maui are only out for two hours.


In most cases travel time to the coast is about an hour or a bit longer so that will only leave you with a couple of hours at Na Pali. Secondly, many of these boats include snorkeling in addition to offering a dinner so the time is increased that much longer. The main reason that some of the dinner cruises on Kauai are four-hours long is that their intent is not just to get out on the water to have dinner but to travel to see the remarkable Na Pali Coastline as well.

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Hawaii is not the only place in the world that you will find dinner cruises but the Hawaii dinner cruise is a category of activity that is found on all the major Hawaiian Islands.

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