Which Maui Harbor is the Best to Depart from on a Dinner Cruise?

Which Maui harbor is the best to depart from for a dinner cruise?


That's a tough question. The two main harbors from which dinner cruises are taken are Lahaina Harbor and Maalaea Harbor. They both have advantages. Firstly, depending upon where you are staying on the island one might be more desirable than another. Lahaina is closer to all the West Side hotels and Maalaea is closer to all the Kihei and Wailea resorts. The views from each will be different. From Maalaea you will have a great view of Haleakala and South Maui and as you get further away from the harbor you will likely see the island of Lanai. From Lahaina you will have a great view of both Lanai and Molokai and a great backdrop of the West Maui Mountains as the clouds change colors on the mountain tops. Lahaina would generally get the edge regarding calm conditions as it is almost always protected from windy conditions. The same is usually true of Maalaea Harbor but as a percentage probably has a propensity for a bit more of a breeze on some nights than you will find at Lahaina. Both locations are spectacularly gorgeous however and you're likely to enjoy either.

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