Where is the Best Place to Sight See on Maui?

We only have one day to sight see on Maui. Where should we go?


Well first of all, "shame on you", it's just wrong not to have more time to spend sightseeing on Maui. If you have the whole day to spend you will probably get the biggest bang for your buck taking the tour to Hana. You will visit the rainforests, the exotic Hana coastline and witness one of the most beautiful locations to be found anywhere in the world. If you only have a half day to spend you would probably do better to visit the crater of Haleakala. This spot is one of a kind and is truly one of the wonders of the Hawaiian Islands.

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"What tours in Hawaii should I take", is an often asked question. "Where to visit in Hawaii", is perhaps the most asked question. The places to visit in Hawaii will all be dependent upon which islands you choose to visit and your Hawaii sightseeing agenda should be planned prior to your arrival to make the most of your vacation to Hawaii.

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