Where can I swim with Dolphins?

Where can I swim with Dolphins? The following question was answered by Ann.


Where can I swim with Dolphins?


The best place to visit and swim with the dolphins is in their natural habitat. The Big Island and Oahu offer the most dolphin encounters in the wild. Maui, Lanai and Kauai excursions are primarily from boats; however, if you are already in the water and they swim up because of their natural curiosity that is totally fine. On Maui the dolphins are most protected due to the regulations protecting the humpback whales. Did you know they are cousins? They are! What type of dolphins will you typically see? In the Hawaiian waters the most prevalent are the spinners which are small in comparison to the larger bottle nose dolphin, and more rare are the spotted dolphins. Dolphin excursions will take you not too far off the coast, but to swim with the dolphins one should be a pretty strong swimmer. Most boat operators have been doing this for years, so they know where the dolphins go to feed and play. They also communicate with other boat captains for dolphin sightings. When I recommend a particular boat operator/excursion, I am always careful to know that the captains and crews are very cautious to not interrupt the natural behavior of these precious and fun loving mammals! They are our friends! Be warned that if you are in the water with these animals they are quite "frisky"! If you want to visit and frolic with these friends of the sea, please give Ann Tuomela a call at ext 121.

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Hawaii dolphin watching together with swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii is an industry all to its own. There is probably no sea creature quite as endearing in the eyes of a human being as the dolphin.

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