What is the story on bottom fishing? Is it a good way to fish on Maui?

What's the story on bottom fishing? Is it a good way to fish on Maui?

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Bottom fishing on Maui, or any of the islands, is a great way to go if you want a kid friendly or family friendly experience.
Bottom fishing takes place in the shallower waters off of the island, sometimes anchored, but usually drifting in the areas known to support jacks, snapper, wrasse, goatfish, and more. Fish caught bottom fishing are generally smaller than what you would catch sport fishing, usually weighing no more than 1-5 pounds. You can get lucky though and hook into much larger fish. You never know whats gonna bite down there!
Since bottom fishing takes place in shallower waters, travel time to great fishing spots is very short, but many boats will take advantage of even that short time by trolling with artificial lures all the way to their favorite spots, so you may get a bite of deep water sportfishing as well!
Most of these vendors offer the fish for you to take if you have the means to cook them, and will prep them for you at no charge. This is some of the best eating there is, so don't turn it down, whatever you do!

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