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What's the difference between your whale watches?

The following question was answered by Joy.


For whale watching it appears that there is quite a price difference between the different options. Is there a reason I should not just choose the least expensive option when making my booking?


There are a wide array of whale watch trips to choose from. We truly have many options in the whale watch category. Instead of recommending a single one as the "best" we try to narrow down which one is going to be the "best for you". We recommend trips based on your personal preferences. Some people prefer a large, stable boat while others may choose to zip along in a zodiac type raft with far fewer passengers. People wanting to snorkel may choose to combine the 2 activities and experience a longer tour. Those with a love for sailing might choose an afternoon whale watch and sail. For help narrowing down your whale watch options please contact me on extension #151.

Whale Tale

(Photo taken onboard one of our Whale Watches on Maui.)

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