What percentage of Humpback Whales visit Kauai in comparison to the other Hawaiian Islands?

The Humpback Whale populations and their migrant patterns have been studied for many years and the data has suggested varied results. It is clear that the destination of humpback whales traveling from Alaska and Canada in the wintertime is without question the Hawaiian Island archipelago but evidence that specific whales choose to visit any particular island is a bit more random. Generally speaking it appears that the larger majority of whales seem to accumulate around the islands of Maui and Hawaii and in the very shallow Penguin Banks region just west of and between Molokai and Oahu. Kauai also has its population of visiting whales and migrating whales have appeared off both Hawaii and Kauai in the same year (often within a two week period) and so it does not appear conclusive that whales choose a particular island to visit each year and stay put there. This however may be the case for some individuals. Regardless of their exact track, there is no doubt, as proven year after year, that the whale watching industry in the waters of Kauai is alive and well and that whale watching vessels setting off with the mission of finding and viewing these astounding ocean animals are rarely disappointed and in most cases will have multiple and generally close sightings.

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The Hawaii whale watching season is the most anticipated time of year regarding activities in the islands. Whale watching is available for visitors to enjoy between December and May.

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