What is the difference between "Bottom Fishing" and "Sportfishing"?

What is the difference between "Bottom Fishing" and "Sportfishing"? The following question was answered by Joy.


We are coming to Hawaii this spring and have been looking at setting up a fishing trip when we are there. After looking at your various packages I noticed that there are "Bottom Fishing" trip and there are "Sport Fishing" trips. What is the difference?


That is a great question! Sport fishing is done in deep water with the goal of catching large fish such as marlin, ono and yellow fin tuna. It is thrilling to catch a large fish but not easy. Because it is done in deep water a sport fishing trip involves a journey out to sea. Serious sport fisherman usually prefer an 8 hour fishing trip.

Bottom fishing can be done closer to shore and the odds of catching fish are much higher.They catch smaller varieties of reef fish such as ta'ape, nabeta, ehu, aweoweo, barracuda, moi'lua, goat fish, trigger fish, and gray snapper Most of the fish are under 5lbs., but anglers do get lucky and land much larger fish. Many of the fish are considered good eating.

(Sportfishing = Bigger Fish)

(Bottom Fishing = More Fish, But Smaller)

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