What is Maui's Most Interesting Dive?

We are experienced divers. What dive on Maui in your opinion would be the most interesting for us?


Of course every diver will have a different answer for this but for my money I would say, take the "wall dive" at Molokini. I say this primarily because it is likely that you will not be able to find a similar dive to this elsewhere in your travels. The "wall" is essentially the backside of the crescent shaped Molokini Island. Snorkelers and beginners usually can be found on the "crater" side of Molokini but conditions are much too challenging for snorkelers to be allowed on the wall side so you will likely only see other divers here. The wall descends straight down from the surface into the abyss. It goes down hundreds of feet but of course you will only be viewing the escarpment down to a safe depth. Usually most boats will do two different dives at the "wall" of varying depths. This is an area where you are likely to see an abundance of larger fish as they cruise in from deeper waters but along the wall surface you will be treated to an abundance of more microscopic sea life that can keep your attention as you examine just linear feet on the wall as you work your way along.

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To dive in the underwater world of Hawaii is a dream most scuba divers would love to fulfill. Hawaii is of course a series of islands but truly many more than most people realize.

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