What if there is no wind on our sailing charter

What if there is no wind on a day we choose to go on a sailing charter. Will we be refunded?


Sorry. This would come under the category of "you pay your money and you take your chances". All boats that advertise a sail for their guests have it in their best interest to deliver on a "sail". Sometimes Mother Nature plays her hand a bit differently than we would like and everyone will just has to accept the hand they were dealt. In most cases the boats can maneuver out to an area where the winds will be more likely but there is never a guarantee.

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Over the years our clients have asked us literally thousands of different questions. We have collected the answers to some of them that seem to come up relatively frequently and posted them on this page.

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Sailing in Hawaii whether it be on a Hawaii sailboat charter, a Hawaii boat tour or a Hawaii yacht charter is simply a way of life in the islands. Keep in mind that the very first people to come to these islands came by virtue of a sail boat and so the sailing heritage runs deep in the waters surrounding Hawaii.

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