What areas of Lanai are best for snorkeling?

What areas of Lanai are best for snorkeling? Answered by Tom Barefoot's Tours


Lanai is fortunate to have great snorkeling everywhere. The snorkel tours most frequently offered to Lanai from Maui are the ones that go directly over to the closer eastern shoreline and the reef found here is one of the very longest to be found in the entire state. Hulopo'e Bay in front of the Manele Bay Hotel is also excellent for snorkeling and it is considered an underwater marine reserve. If you really want the most extensive and exquisite Lanai snorkel experience you should consider taking one of the tours that totally circumnavigate the island. You will end up in areas where you will see very few other boats or people but will see an abundance of sea life (particularly during whale season).

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Hawaii snorkeling is by far the single most popular category of activities to be found in Hawaii. One reason for this is that snorkeling in Hawaii is often a component of many different types of tours found on any individual island such as many of the dolphin watches, whale watches, diving tours, raft excursions and even in some cases dinner cruises.

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