What advantage is there in booking a Cruise Ship shore excursion from Tom Barefoot's Tours?

In a phrase, the most significant advantage in booking your Kauai tours and shore excursions from Tom Barefoot's Tours is: CHOICE! The island of Kauai is flowing over with hundreds of specific tours that are all available to you when traveling via cruise ship, you just aren't aware of them! The tour boats themselves do provide many quality shore excursions and they are easy to set up with the boat staff themselves. The problem is that they only provide a limited supply of tours as they only make fiscal arrangements with only a small number of tour providers. The vast majority of tours available on the island do not have contracts with the Cruise ships and consequently are not offered by the Cruise ship staff.

Tom Barefoot's Tours has made it easy for you to determine which shore excursions are available to you during your time in port and also which ones are available to you via a car rental. By reviewing the list of tours in our data base on our Kauai Cruise Ship page the full world of Kauai tours and activities will open to you like a blossoming flower. The key is that Tom Barefoot's Tours will seamlessly provide you with the car rental at just the right time to be able to have you arrive at your tour on time and also leave you plenty of time to return your car long before your ship sets sail.

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If you are coming to Hawaii on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our cruise ship category before you make any reservations for activities during shore leave.

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