Whale Watching Tours on Oahu with Tradewind Charters

Sailing cruises and sailing charters are available for you in Oahu on a private basis on Tradewind Charters. Treat yourself to a private whale watching charter. There is no question that taking a sailing cruise or having a sailing charter on a boat that is exclusively for your party, whether it be large of small, is the best way to go. The question always comes up however about the price. People often think that these costs would be prohibitive, but in many cases the absolute reverse is actually the case. Tradewind Charters generally has their pricing based upon the number of hours that you want the boat. The price charged could seem fairly expensive if there is just a few of you in the group, but if you have larger amounts of people the pricing will get progressively better as the number of people grows. In many cases, the actual price per person can become even lower than the price charged per person on other boats that are not a private charter. Tradewinds Charters is always worthy of consideration when viewed in this light. It might actually be your best choice for comfort, relaxation, and overall ambiance. It also might just be the best value choice for your group as well.

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Tradewind Charters specializes in private charter tours. The maximum of only twelve passengers on the 43 foot sailing yacht or 40 foot sailing catamaran creating an intimate non crowded atmosphere.

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