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Whale Watching Tours on Oahu with Star of Honolulu

If you're the type of person who really would prefer an extra large and stable boat for your whale watch adventure, the 'Star of Honolulu' fits the bill perfectly. The boat is 232' in length, has four separate decks, and can hold as many as 1500 people; though it is usually not that full on its whale watch tours. The boat is high enough out of the water that from its 65' observation tower you have a tremendous view of the whales, and you can pick them out at a distance very easily. This boat tour is more than just a "whale watch" with naturalists on board explaining the characteristics of these beautiful animals. There is a luncheon as well, and you will be treated to a buffet lunch on board.

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The 232' Star of Honolulu is the largest dinner cruise boat in Hawaii, has four levels and seats as many as 1500 people. You will have your choice of various tiers of dinner options varying between 7 course, 5 course and 3 course meals, all at varying prices.

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