Whale Watching Tours on Oahu with North Shore Catamaran

The North Shore of Oahu is famous during the winter months for its enormous waves and also for the enormous Humpback Whales that frequent this coastline as well. North Shore Catamaran's 40' catamaran, Ho'o Nanea, will take you on 2.5 hour morning whale tours or 2.5 hour afternoon ones as well. Although we can have super large waves along the coast during this time, the places we see the whales are usually further out to sea in areas that are not affected by the swells. A great idea for a day during these winter months would be to take a ride to the North Shore to the whales and then drive along the coastline to check out the big surf.

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The beautiful North Shore of Oahu provides the seascape for one of the most majestic boats on the island, the Ho'o Nanea, operated by North Shore Catamaran Charters.

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