Whale Watching Tours on Oahu with Dolphin Excursions

Dolphin Excursions is one of the top companies on Oahu that will take you on a tour that will look for dolphins but during the winter months you get 'double bonus points' because you get to see whales as well. The Waianae coastline is where you'll find "Dolphin Excursions" on almost any day of the year because between Ko'Olina Harbor and Kaena Point is where you will most often find these remarkable creatures. In the winter months however this is an area frequented by the Humpback Whales as well. The 32 Scarab, "Nai'a l" is one of the fastest and quietest boat on the coast with almost zero fumes from the engine. You'll be able to listen through hydrophones lowered in the water and hear the songs the whales sing. Generally you'll be able to see them up-close as well. You, and your children, will love this worthwhile and educational adventure.

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Dolphin Excursions operates off the Waianae Coast of Oahu and its daily morning and afternoon snorkel tours specialize in swimming with dolphins. Going out with small groups on this fast and maneuverable 'SCARIB' boat makes it all the more personalized.

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