Whale Watching Tours on Maui with Teralani

The Teralani is a luxury catamaran that is known for their snorkel trips, sunset sails, and dinner cruises. During whale season, they also offer whale watching trips aboard their large sixty five foot power catamaran. The humpback whales migrate to the waters off shore of Maui beginning in late November and normally stick around until early May. While they are here, they mate and give birth. During the mating rituals of the humpback whales is when the majority of the whale activity takes place. The male whales will try and earn the admiration of their prospective mate by slapping their tales and pectoral fins on the surface of the ocean. In some instances, the whales will try and out do each other by launching their bodies almost completely out of the water. These spectacles can be amazing to watch. To be able to see them from a comfortable boat like the Teralani is a treat.

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The 65' sailing catamarans of Teralani Charters offer snorkel sails along the West Coast of Maui as far up as Honolua Bay, offer dinner cruises leaving off the white sands of Kaanapali Beach and offer spectacular whale watches during the winter months.

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